Understanding Edmonton’s (Ever Changing) Real Estate Market


Edmonton, the capital of the province of Alberta in Canada, is a heavily populated North America city where most of the population lives within the metropolis. Unlike most cities in North America where residents are scattered in several suburban cities, most of the population actually reside within the city. Moreover, Edmonton is a center for governmental, educational, and cultural activities and follows Toronto as one of the most populous capitals within Canada.

The neighborhoods of Edmonton

You can find widely varied neighborhoods in Edmonton, which are found mostly in Downtown Edmonton. Some of the neighborhoods include the Arts District, the Commercial Core, McKay Avenue, Rice Howard Way, the Warehouse District, and the Government Precinct. Condos and apartments are found in many of the urban neighborhoods, such as Oliver, located in the western region of downtown Edmonton. Westmount is known for its traditional homes, while the Warehouse District has several old warehouses which have been transformed into high-rises such as condominiums and lofts. Cultural establishments are found within the Arts District, while residential towers are located in McKay Avenue.

Glenora is found to the west of Westmount, where mansions reflecting old Scottish architecture are found. The Royal Alberta Museum is also located in Glenora. Parkdale and Alberta Avenue are located on the northeast portion of Downtown, which have recently become a popular neighborhood for many young families and creative folks. Old neighborhoods have undergone resurgence in recent years, making them an excellent neighborhood option for families and singles.

Searching for the right Edmonton properties

With the range of real estate properties available in Edmonton, searching for the right investment can be challenging. However there are a few things about home buying in Edmonton or in Canada which you have to know, to ensure that you are getting the right real estate property at the right price. If you are a first time buyer you will need all the resources you need, such as market information, property prices, and which types of ownership or mortgages are best for you. Going over the requirements in home buying is also a crucial factor.

Choosing the right agent

There are professional real estate agents in Edmonton who can help you find the real estate property that you need, based on location, price, and other personal preferences. Your agent can help you in a number of ways, especially if you are a novice at property buying. From residential properties to condominiums to high rises, Edmonton has a wide range of properties for investment. A good agent will be able to provide you with unbiased market information, from statistics to property details to buying requirements, helping you to arrive at a good buying decision.

There are clear advantages in buying a home in Edmonton. You can choose from its many neighborhoods and take advantage of the thriving commercial and cultural centers at the heart of the city. The real estate market in Edmonton continues to thrive, and with its growing population and prospering commercial and residential centers, the city is poised for even more growth in the future.

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